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Anticipating Christmas — September 18, 2012

Anticipating Christmas


I’m listing here the prospective titles that I might write about the coming days 🙂

This is just the INTRODUCTION lol.

Since I have so many things in mind, I would like to write them out here before I could totally forget all about it.

1. How often do you post Status updates? (I’m thinking of a better title than this [thinks][thinks][thinks]

At least- a relevant post.. not just status like “sleeping..”, “eating..”, or “texting” arrrggghhhh.. Can’t they post status with sense, I mean more informative.. Something that is worthy to share..

-waits- I think my Title was really wrong.. How about?

1. How relevant your Social status updates are?


2. Finding Time with God out of your busy schedule

What do you think? Title revision?

Actually I want to share how out of my busy time find time to listen and connect with god. Admit it, who amongst of you find time to read bible or listen to sermons or attend to church just to make up with god everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I know some will totally opposed to this.. but ohh.. Ill make you understand.

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Remembering Christmas — November 19, 2010

Remembering Christmas

So the end of the year is fast approaching, 37 days to go before Christmas, as early as September we can already feel the breeze of Christmas air, on the mid of October we can already see people starting to decorate their Christmas tree, placing their lanterns in front of their houses and starting to make their list of whom they will give gifts to. Christmas is really a wonderful occasion to celebrate, it is when our Noel was born so that there will be someone who will redeem the world from our sins. This is the real spirit of Christmas. Continue reading