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Blogging 101, Day Six: Write to Your Dream Reader — April 21, 2014

Blogging 101, Day Six: Write to Your Dream Reader

Dear Sir Stranger ,

I was sitting at the food court today while thinking of what to do. While in deep thinking, I suddenly  noticed you. You seem to have just finished lunch. A man in his late sixties, maybe. You are wearing that blue striped polo shirt with ragged jeans.  You are wearing that gray cap, but I still can see  your grayish hair. Continue reading

Blogging 101, Day Five: Love Your Theme — April 20, 2014

Blogging 101, Day Five: Love Your Theme


When I read today’s assignment, I am really one of those few bloggers who initially reacted when Michelle said “ to change your theme even if you love your current”.

I was like seriously?
I so love my current theme this time and I am totally settling with it. With no doubts, which might violate today’s assignment, I did not changed my theme.
That leads me in supporting why I can’t give up with the 2014 theme.
And with that I am re-blogging a review for the theme 2014 by Chris Knowles.

PS: I customized my header as well, after working it out for 2 hours, I am still not sure if I made a good output from it. What do you think?

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