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Who I Am and Why I Am here? (Presently Present) — April 16, 2014

Who I Am and Why I Am here? (Presently Present)

DAY 1:

Camera 360It has been years or months I could not count since I tried writing again. If you will notice, most of my posts are my photos that I include in the weekly challenges.

Honestly, I forgot writing. I lost the interest of writing. I could not see and feel my passion about writing anymore. After series of putting up blogs, “failed blogs” about specific niches- I quit writing a blog.

“That’s what I thought of…Continue reading

At the Begginning: The Pursuit of my Life Existence — October 28, 2012

At the Begginning: The Pursuit of my Life Existence

Today I decided to put path to my life existence. Lately I have been into so much thinking and analyzing myself. We have moments like that, don’t we? A certain time when you just think, just reflect from your past experiences; analyze what your heart says, a certain time when you ask yourself, what I am right now and what I do for living?

I found answers to some of my questions; the others are still left unattended. I believe that in right time all the answers that I am looking for will be revealed to me one by one. Sooner or later as I age I will get to discover what will complete my life existence. Continue reading

On an Author’s Note — October 7, 2011

On an Author’s Note

Rated 26 Views Yesterday!

Few days back I was so hyped checking my site stat. From 2-6 views per day it was jumping to 10-15 views and yesterday I hit 26 views!

Honestly, I didn’t cared much about how many visits or traffics do I get everyday as long as I get to write what I want (that was before) but as I get more into blogging I realized the essence of having visitors and readers to your page and your articles.

Have you realized or have you ever been into a point wherein you look at your Site stat and with great disappointment, the texts shows that you have 0 views? It happened to me so many times, and guess what I did? Call me crazy, insane or pathetic but out of frustration, I opened a new tab on my browser, typed and after I closed it and log into my account, view my page stat, and Alas! I had one viewer, (myself) lol. Ofcourse I am not crazy doing such thing, I did it with a purpose! (which will be revealed in the end of this article).

I always believe that the life of the writers depends on their readers hands.

It’s what most bloggers say – I’ve read many blogs which sustained my thoughts. One blogger said which I quote, ” I dont worry whether I have one or two readers, as long as there is one reading my pieces, it keeps me going”.

So true!

The readers are the one who fuels up the mind of the writers (that’s why an author writes “To my readers” at his foreword or dedication). We dont write for our own selves only, for our own pleasure of reading thus we write to share. Share whats on our mind, on our hearts, what we feel and what we know. We do it for the sake of other people not only for our self. When our readers respond to us, show their approval with our thoughts, give feedback, reflect on our talks, there is a certain unexplained feeling of achievement and oftentimes it enlighten us and inspire us to write new and better one.

I have been blogging for almost One year and six months now, As I look back at my previous entries, I could say that I somehow improved with the way I chose my topic and with the way I write my entries. However I realized that I have to write something more, not only limiting myself to my own stuffs. I have to write something for a good cause. I want to write something essential. Something with a purpose, something with a specific theme I guess. Though I am having difficulty starting since I know I write best without any pattern being followed. I had hard time doing it the right and just way. Yet, I’ll still give it a try, for my readers and soon to be readers.

At the moment, I am so thankful for those who come and visit my page (please do leave feedback’s if you have time). I am so thankful for those who leaves comments and show appreciation on my page. Moreover, I am so grateful and thankful for those people who read my entries with an open hearts and broad minds, those who embraces me and my writings in their lives…

As I look at my Page stat now, I can’t help but *smirk*

We never stop writing unless somebody stops reading our writings.In this world, we always have one person who will be right at our back, appreciating our work, it’s ourselves.

Knowing this, I know I’ll never stop Writing.

Thanks for reading.

Biking and Life — August 22, 2011

Biking and Life

I was introduced to biking back when I was 10 years old. My childhood friend who happened to be my cousin at the same time taught me how to ride a bike. I was not a sporty type of person ever since. I usually stayed indoors mainly because my grandparents seldom allowed me to play outside because I’m thin and sickly. Children like playing though, so Me and Lyn did biking when we went to school. From there, we would borrow our neighbor’s bike and she would teach me. She would hold the seat of the bike as well as the control then I would ride in it. She would instruct me then to hit the pedal, hold on to the control and she would say, ” Don’t look at the control, look at the direction your going at, Look Far”. I didn’t have any idea why she would say look far. With a fear of falling and getting hurt I couldn’t concentrate but as Lyn told me, I would never learn until I experienced getting wounded. With my perseverance and determination to learn I followed all the directions she instructed me until such time that I started driving on my own. It brings me happiness and fulfillment to myself. Of course I also experienced falling, I often got wounded on my knees and I could still recall how I banged the cactus plants of my grade 2 teacher. When I learned biking, Lyn and I would drove around our village. We performed different tricks, one hand, free hand and the most craziest, I go the pedal, she holds the control. The feeling was awesome. It’s similar as your flying without wings. Until now I still love biking, whenever I have time I would borrow my brother’s bike and would go driving around our village. It is still an awesome feeling. Rejuvenating.
Life and Biking are quite synonymous to each other. We had teachers, not only pertaining to our school teacher but to the other teachers like our Parents, family, friends and love ones. They taught us everything that we need to learn and when they think we are ready they lets us go on and stand on our own. Biking as hard is it is could be like Life hard as it is too. We fail, We encounter humps and bumpy roads, we fall, we stumble, we struggle, we get hurt, experience pain, get wounded but a midst it all we still stand with a great lesson learned. By feeling pain we get even more stronger than we are.. Biking too, is just like aiming for the goal of success. We should look further, begin with the end in our mind and from where we are we go and keep on hitting the pedal. The more we hit the pedal with the vision of our goal in mind, the further we go and the nearer it brings us to the road of success.