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8 months ago… — September 14, 2016

8 months ago…

8 months ago.

It has been 8 months ago since I left She Writes empty. No updates, No everything. It’s 8 months of hiatus.

Today, I woke up feeling this spirit, feeling that urge, feeling that lust and the intensity I can’t resist- It whispers to my ears, Write, Write, Write. It goes on and on, till I submit myself sitting on my table and feeling how smooth my keyboard are with every stroke. The words just flow- It is not a forced one, I am not even being pressured to do so. I want it, I want this, I want to write today.

I think I finally have woken up again. Or maybe I feel like being myself again.

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Great way to start the day! Visit his post. — December 8, 2014
Oh my Hard to get Habit! — November 28, 2014

Oh my Hard to get Habit!


Recently I have been into thinking of how to develop a new habit and stick to it.

Well I was actually thinking about what habits does these highly successful and effective people do, that it makes them reach the level of success that they are in.

Well we could say that success is not a habit but more of attitudeĀ  and hard works but if you come to think of it, it all begins with building habits that they follow in order for them to arrive at the positive attitude and game plan to success. As Aristotle said, “Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” Continue reading

A breath of Life — July 2, 2013

A breath of Life


Lady’s back.
She can’t be.
She is lost and got carried away with life fast changing environment.
How can she be?
After all the failures?
Does she still thinks she belong?

After so many days of hibernating.
Im fully back.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate — December 16, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

requiring careful handling:
marked by care, skill:

Friendship for me is a delicate thing,
That’s why you must handle it with great care,
It is fragile, It is delicate;
You could either break it or keep it forever.
That’s why you should take care of it
because once you’ve keep it forever,
you already have the richest treasure.