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New Year : 2016 — January 2, 2016

New Year : 2016



Time had flown so fast. Just as yesterday we are bidding goodbye to 2015 and now we are here embracing and welcoming 2016.

The first week of the month has always been the best time to reflect and realized how you did last year and what you want to become this year. Some would say, reflections and resolutions would be best on late part of December but hey, how could you get into writing out of your busy schedule during holiday right? So for those who h
as not yet written all their resolutions, their reflections, this week is the best week to start. You got all day of January! Continue reading

Who I Am and Why I Am here? (Presently Present) — April 16, 2014

Who I Am and Why I Am here? (Presently Present)

DAY 1:

Camera 360It has been years or months I could not count since I tried writing again. If you will notice, most of my posts are my photos that I include in the weekly challenges.

Honestly, I forgot writing. I lost the interest of writing. I could not see and feel my passion about writing anymore. After series of putting up blogs, “failed blogs” about specific niches- I quit writing a blog.

“That’s what I thought of…Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal — November 10, 2012
Day 1: Living inside my core — November 1, 2012

Day 1: Living inside my core

Disclaimer: This entry is part of my Simple Living Project.

Recently I am reading this book by Bo Sanchez which is entitled “Simplify and Live the Good Life”.

This book talks about living life the simple way away from all the worries that cause by the major game player money, power, greed and all life luxury.

Simplify and Live the Good Life

“Happiness is not found outside of you. It doesn’t come from cars, clothes, cash or Caribbean cruises. Happiness is found within.”

-Bo Sanchez-
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Troublesome Friday — October 12, 2012

Troublesome Friday

Today is a morning full of realizations.

Honestly, Friday is a restless day for me, thinking of future stuffs and because I hate this feeling of being restless I googled for my daily horoscope. Here’s what I found out:

Aquarius: (January 20 – February 18)

We’re eager to let go of our worries, but the window for lighthearted fun opens and closes quickly today. The Moon’s shift into breezy Gemini at 7:46 am EDT lifts us above our practical concerns. Nevertheless, we still can’t escape our responsibilities because rational Mercury closes in on a conjunction with restrictive Saturn that’s exact tomorrow morning. Changing our expectations helps because resistance stems from what we’re already thinking.


That just got me Big Time….

[I just want to shout here in my seat and say "Whooooo
I want to break free from all this worries. Let me out! Let me out!!!!I just
want to break free"- while the song "I want to break Free" plays
on the background. ] Continue reading