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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal — November 10, 2012
Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry — November 4, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry


I thought that I could get rid out of this subject. When I was in high school and College I always hate my geometry class. I hate angles,I hate the different quadrants.

Now even here in blogosphere I still can’t escape Geometry.

I had hard time searching photos but as I conquer Geometry way back in my school Days, I will conquer it again here.

Taken at Subic, 2011

I actually don’t know what the thing is called. I think its a radar or it has something to do with capturing signals.
I took this photo last 2011 at our Subic Trip. In here, I could see Geometry.

Roof top.

I see Geometry again here.
I always do capture weird subjects. 🙂

my final piece

My Final Piece.

I picture lots of geometry shapes here.
when I was in my school days, I always complain why do we have to learn Geometry, in what sense can we apply it to our everyday life.

Now I have seen it. Geometry is in our everyday life.

Travel Theme: Spooky — October 28, 2012

Travel Theme: Spooky

Week 43: Travel Theme: Spooky

For this week’s challenge I am posting an image of Balete Tree (Philippines) which I find really spooky.

Balete Tree

They say evil spirits resides in this huge, creepy tree. It serves as a home to spirits and other elements which lurks in the dark and one of the famous resident of this tree is the creepy girl in white: “The white Lady”.

Many stories have been told and many people feared.


Happy Halloween!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign — October 27, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Foreign. While foreign (rightly so) often brings up images of things outside of your own nation, it can also apply to things outside of or different from your normal environment, or even something which is out of place in general.

Foreign Definition

For this week’s challenge I am sharing these photos which I think goes with this week’s theme Foreign.

This card came from a foreign person, foreign place, sent in a very romantically foreign way on my Birthday last February 2011.

a closer look
much closer look
….turning on the inside

Isn’t it too foreign to still received cards or letters nowadays?

With all of these things that technology has been offering like E-cards, emails, graphic greetings online this traditional way of communication had been slowly dying and sort of being forgotten…

and receiving one makes us feel foreignly unusual.

Today, I’m joining Vogue. [Dreaming on a Friday morning] — October 26, 2012