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Dragon Exists — October 16, 2012

Dragon Exists

When I was a little girl maybe five to seven years old, my late grandmother would often tell me about Dragon stories. She would start her story by saying there is a certain creature which lurks in our river and watch for children who are stubborn, liar and disobedient. She told me that she saw it once when she was a child like my age. Then she would encourage me to close my eyes and sleep otherwise that creature which she calls as a dragon would come out, take me to the river and eat me up. I still remember asking her if the dragon is real and she would answer me that Dragon really exists. At some nights, still on my younger age, I would dream about a devilish creature like a big fish coming out the river, creating huge waves and chasing after me while I am playing.

When we had our very first owned TV I began to picture what a true dragon looks like. It is not how I picture it with grandma’s stories neither what I saw on my dreams. Continue reading

Me @ Work — June 9, 2012

Me @ Work

Six Months

I just celebrated my Six months here in the company that I am working at. Congratulations to me.

Honestly, I am so grateful landing on this job and so far I am really enjoying what I am doing and the people I am working with.

It has been a blessing, an answered prayer, a gift that I know I deserved to receive after all the hard works and efforts that I have done to earn this.

During these six months, I am so amazed with how my work had transformed my life. With all the experiences, trials and problems, and most of all lessons learned.

There were dull moments, yes;

Sad moments; yes;

Irritating moments; yes;

Issues, yes;

Hardships yes;

But hey I am still here and I never thought I would stay here for so long. Continue reading

My first working experience should be: — October 25, 2011

My first working experience should be:

Have you ever ask yourself like how do you want to see yourself on your very first job experience?

Some people might have ask this question to themselves and perhaps other’s might have grab the chances of just landing a job, not thinking whether they will be happy performing their task or will they end up sour-graping and filled with regrets. For them, (those people mentioned in the latter) they have to have a job and earn, a point which I totally understand.

I am lucky enough that I have ample of time to reflect and ask myself regarding about this. It helps me to create a clear vision and milestone of where will I go with the field that I chosen. Our (majority of us) first working experience I guess must be something memorable, just like our first baptism, first communion, 7th birthday, debut and wedding day (diff. Is we cant do picture taking during our 1st job, lol). Going back, it must be something that we will cherish and remember even if we age like our great grandparents. Our first job experience must be a period of our life that we will be proud of to share with other people bearing a great confidence and positive words whether its a low or high profile job.

Last night, I was pondering on this thought, as I was lying on my bed, I asked myself, “how would you like your 1st working experience to be, dear?”.

*she reflects*

I end up taking my pen and my tiny-mini notebook and I wrote answers to my question.

I end up doing this list:

1. My first working exp. Should be something that I’LL ENJOY DOING. I couldn’t imagine myself landing a job without my interest. I also could not imagine myself with brows meeting each other, pouting lips and a frowning face. Neither do I want to hear myself complaining about each and everyday at work, forcing myself to do the job and working with a heavy heart. My 1st working exp. Should be something of my interest, something that will inspire me and will bring out the best in me. A job which will satisfy and fulfill my own contentment. Believe me or not, it does not matter if Ill get paid with a lower or higher rate, but more importantly is that I enjoy what I do and I end up having a great and satisfying experience.

2. My 1st working experience should be a kind of job, in a company possessing a good working environment. Ofcourse, who would like to work with people who cant get along with each other right? Though we cant deny the fact that in a certain office we cant avoid disputes or misunderstandings, so I really prayed that I end up being surrounded by great people who will not be having an attitude called crab mentality. I also look forward of having a kind and humble superior. Inshort, I want to work in a team who will bring out the best of each other.

3. Last but not the least, my 1st working experience, related to no. 1, something that I enjoy, must be inline with the following fields:

customer service, reseacher, editor, article writer, lecturer, trainer, event organizer.

Some people told me I should aim high, dream big, apply my course, what for? If self fullfillment is not achieve? I know that we work for living, but is living based on how much money we’ll earn? As a good friend of mine once told me, If working is for living, Why kill yourself working….

with a job you cant stand of?

If I end up being a programmer, IT analyst or network administrator, would I be happy enough to see myself stressed, bearing all the wrinkles and age lines and a consumed mind. In exchange of what? High paycheck? That is definitely lame.

I close this entry with a simple thought,

You will never grow old with a job that you love doing.