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Daily Prompt: Audience of One ~First Love~ — November 29, 2012

Daily Prompt: Audience of One ~First Love~

To My First Love,

It’s been so many years, young age, young heart, and young romance. It’s been so many years, I could barely count them on my fingers but one thing is for sure I still haven’t forgotten about you. I wish you were reading She Writes, I wish you do. I wish you were browsing this page out of those millions. I actually don’t know how to write you anymore without bringing back the past, I know I can’t do that so let me ask for your permission. You were the kind of guy who used to impress me, talented, witty, artistic, snob but friendly (sort of). I still could not forget how we glanced at each other and how my heart beats fast every time you’re near. The first time you told me you love me and the first time we kissed. The picture of us figuring out how to hold hands while walking didn’t still fail to make me laugh and oh you’re free tutorial for me, may it be for assignments or some words of wisdom still lingers on my mind. I am so naive back then, I was young, I am afraid of the future, I am afraid that we might not last so I cut it off without giving any chances. I guess you’re happy right now, you might have been turn out to be a man, you might have achieved all of your dreams and I am definitely afraid of that day when we are about to cross each other’s roads again.

I really wanted to write this one, but I never had the chance or should I say I never had the courage. I guessed I have it now. How are you, How have you been? Are you married? Do you have kids? Did you pursue your dreams? I wonder why I am still crying about writing this one. I really wonder why. I guess I am just missing those days when I am your little princess and you used to be my ninja. I guess I am missing those dead end phone calls, those smiles and those art cards you that you gave me. Those were the good times. The good times that I wished I did not let to slipped, that I wish I kept so that today I won’t be wondering what could have happen If I did not let you go.

I want to tell you something. Something that I long kept as a secret. Do you remember the time that you last saw me? I was on my way catching a bus to my hometown and I was walking and you are about to go home and unexpectedly cross each other way? You told me you saw me, I told you I did not saw you but the truth is I saw you. I saw you and I think it was destiny’s call to make our path united but I did not take the chance, because of fear. Fear, it was two years since we broke up then. That picture of us was still on my mind and there are some times that I wish I took that opportunity, I wish I talked to you, I wish I took the chance.

I also wonder what happened to you the last time we had a communication. You were nice, you were sweet and I thought that we can try it all over again, but one day I woke up and you were gone. Totally gone. I can’t reach you anymore, anywhere. You might have decided to go away from me; maybe you realized that I am not really the type of girl you ever wanted. Maybe your young back then too, naive, unsure of what you feel. Maybe. And I understand that you all have the right to feel like that. I guess we are world different. You are somewhere that I could never be and I definitely don’t match the kind of girl you are looking for.

Wherever are you know, I hope you are reading this. It’s been seven years. There are a lot of changes, so many things had happened, I have been to relationships and I guess you have been too… but one thing remains and that I surely keep, it’s our “memories”. I don’t care if you read this when you’re forty (40) or when you’re on your fifties the thing is you must have read this. I am thankful that there was this day sometime ago that we shared a special moment with each other. You are my first love and I guess First love is something that can’t be forgotten. It will always be special. It will always remain. I am definitely sure that if you have your family now, a wife or a girlfriend- she is so lucky. She really is, because you’re a great guy.

I wish you all the happiness and success after all these was the reason why we let go of each other.

-Sigh- I hope for the last time perhaps this could make you smile.

From your heaven sent Friend,

The Broken Hearted — November 6, 2012

The Broken Hearted

The past few days I was mending a broken heart that’s why I can’t write. My four years relationship with my boyfriend ended and it was really no joke to handle such situation. I thought I can managed perfectly but as days goes by, I felt like I was completely broken. It was painful, I end up crying at night, it was not easy…
I really don’t know what to do. I’ve been reading a lot of help books / blogs to overcome this, I have been keeping myself so busy just not to think of so many things, I have tried listening to songs which helps much to ease the pain. I have surrounded myself with people, my family, my friends, I have been going out often just to temporarily be happy but then when I get to be alone it pains, it hurts.

How should I deal with this? I don’t know too.

I won’t write about him as a sign of respect, he is a good man, really good man. Its just that the relation seems to go out of my hand…

I know if he might still drop by my page he will be able to read this…

So for you who broke my heart…

Please read this.. Continue reading

Me and My Sister — September 23, 2012

Me and My Sister

Good morning Monday 🙂

Another week again, as I woke up today a fresh new post idea came up in my mind and in the next coming days (including today) I will be writing about Five girls in my life whom I am really thankful of. Well yeah, They deserved to be in my page since I am so grateful to have them and this is one of the ways in which I could show them and the world that they truly are appreciated.

So lets begin..

Thank you Sis!

Yeah, she is my sister Mel, (she is older than me by 10 years) and she have been a good and loving sister ever.
We are inseparable, where one goes the other will go too. She is the kind of a sister who is yeah (strict) but sweet, caring and very forgiving.

Sis and I

I still remember when we were still young, she used to be my playmate, we will play paper dolls and dress up games. She is the one who taught me how to write as well, she took care of me when mom was not around and until now she still does. I like it when at night she will hug me, I feel so secure when she did that. I love it when she makes me laugh at toughest times and how she encourage me to do things. (I never thought that writing this stuff could make me cry, but yeah, I’m crying).
My sister at times of trials would stand up and act like the foundation in our family, She was the bravest of us all, She would try to show us that she is strong even though the situation is too hard. She would make us feel comfortable like nothing is wrong in times of trial and I love it about her.
my pretty sister on peace sign

People say she is far more beautiful than I am,yes absolutely right. She has a white complexion and I am dark, to be in short she is pretty and I am ugly lol. When were together guys would often look at her but she’s snob so it ends that all her suitors used me as a bridge to my sis, and I enjoyed it so much especially when those guys gave me gifts as well. Same goes to me but sad to say when he doesn’t like the guy for me she does her own way to shoo that guy,lol.

Me and sis like other sibs sometimes do have miss understandings as well.Most of the times we have sister fights, but the best thing about us two is that no matter how long our fights could last, no matter what hurtful words have said, we still end up comforting each other. I just wish when we fight I don’t answer her back and say nasty things.

My sister had done all sacrifices for our family especially for me. Since mom is not around she took the responsibility of being a mother to us all. She would attend my affairs at school, she would be my personal assistant when there are events at school, she would prepare all the things I need, I mean she did everything that a mom does to her children and for that I am truly grateful having sis.

this might be the reason why sis still remains single, lol
see how we differ???

Allow me just to say Thank you sis! For all the things, I am not a good sister to you I know, I don’t obey you sometimes, I tend to be hard headed and I know you hate me when I act like I can stand on my own attitude,but sincerely I appreciate everything you have done for me. I could not ask for any sister other than you, coz having you as my sis there’s nothing to ask for more.

Our Long Distance Love Affair — September 20, 2012

Our Long Distance Love Affair

September 20, 2012

Dear Mr. Rooney87_cool,

Hey Mister Rooney, How are you?
I supposed you were surprised receiving this email, (because I just send you emails when I am so mad at you and I can’t type it in YM). Just this morning you asked me when will I write an entry about love and as an immediate respond to your request here I am writing this email. It has really been a long time since we’ve been together but it has also been really long time since haven’t been together, it’s contrary right? But then I know your genius enough to know what I mean.

Our love story is far different from other love stories, we have been doing this for four years and It really surprises me that we never get too tired sending each other emails, ym’s and all the sort of possible communication to bridge the gap between us. It’s really difficult when the one you love is from Jupiter and I am on Earth. See just renting a spaceship to deliver you here is quite expensive for me to do so.(lol) Please forgive me but since this is an open letter I would like to ask you if what made you fall in love with me? I have a big flat nose and I am really not so beautiful (except that I have a beautiful long legs) that’s is all I have (huhu) and I hope that I am just a legs and nothing but legs lol, but seriously I want to know why, why did you chose me as your girl because I am asking myself too, why did I fall for you? (lol)
I guess we somehow have an answer to my questions and yeah you should reply here and tell me Why do you love me? I always ask you that question because I always want to hear your answers to that question. ha-ha

My email is quite long, I hope I am not making you bored. Last words Mister, I am happy to have you and I know you are worthy for my love. We might be thousand miles away with each other but for me your just here- Here inside my heart. My days will be so empty without you. (Ahem)… Of course it will not be empty I’m just exaggerating lol.. but really I think that you the perfect one for me. BTW, You know what? You are do lucky! Coz supposed to be this is my 100st blog entry but I chose to write you an email rather than posting it there :P. Continue reading

The Other Woman —

The Other Woman

The Other Woman
Not so long ago, my dad met someone whom he thinks will be the second woman for him to love for the second time around.

I couldn’t count the years when my mom and dad separated; I’m still young back then. Time and time goes by and I realized that okie there was really no hope between the two of them so I should live with it, deal with it and accept that it will really never gonna work out. On my younger years, I used to live with my father and I really salute and respect him for bringing no other woman at home. He devoted his years taking care of me and my other sibs. You know what guys, I could talk and talk all about the good things that my dad had done for us and I know that I’ll never run out of something nice to share about him because he really is good and he deserves it… Continue reading