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Overcoming — October 16, 2011


Life is filled with speedbumps. You’re cruising right along and then you hit one. Some are bigger than other; that’s a fact. What’s important is not that you hit the speedbump; it’s how you navigate it. So you hit one – what do you do? Do you wallow in self pity or do you deal with it? -Herman Edwards-

Life presents us many challenges, some are tough, some are just easy and some are just too hard to handle. Depending on what life we live, situations that we are face into, the thought is we have to deal with it and survive. Facing and dealing with the ruts in our life and working through them no matter how large or small it is, can give us inner strength to keep going. Every case is different I guess, but in the end, every result is the same. Deal with obstacles, learn from it and refuse to give in.

When something bad happens, its alright that we may feel bad, but immediately after we have to let go and leave it behind or else you’ll get stuck up and stagnant.

Recently, I am going through tough times at college. Beating all the deadlines, passing all the requirements, writing our thesis documents plus all the extra requirements needed to be done under time pressure. As I accomplished one task at a time another speedbump goes my way and I felt like being trapped in super mario’s world.

Problems creep us all the time. Sometimes they smack us straight in our face but we have to keep in our mind that the heat of hard times is designed to mold and improve us. How we react to heartaches, obstacles, problems and tough situations will define us as a person and an individual. It gives us a chance to challenge ourselves and pass lessons to others. It gives us opportunity to do something right. It allows us to turn something devastating into something pleasant. God never trip us up, but he does allow tough circumstances to build our character and maturity. I know that before anyone can really enjoy success, he must endure hardships.

As I end this up I realized that the challenges I face at college helps me shape up my individuality and there are only two choices. Hit it and deal with it.

Stepping Towards Success — October 9, 2011

Stepping Towards Success

-Courage and initiative come when you understand your purpose in life- John C. Maxwell

Everyone of us aims for success in every aspects of our life. Success in business, in studies, in relationships and in any fields that we want to pursue. The vision of success is what keeps us going to do well in life, but success is something that we dont get in an instant, there is no way for instant success (even lotto winners went through hard times before they become millionaires.) We often heard of rags to riches stories of success (i think that is the most fruitful success, i have ever heard) because for me Success is something that we work hard for and it is the product of our love for our deepest passions in life.

Why am I writing about success? Am I a successful person? I believed that being successful is not acknowledged only by being famous or by being rich and powerful, but success can also be measured in simple ways such as being successful in overcoming tough times or success in meeting the deadlines and a lot more. With this regard I could say that I am success! (that is my first reason). Secondly, I am a success enthusiast, I always look and go where success could lead me, I read many inspirational and self help books on how to attain success in life and that is what I want to share. Lastly, I want to surround myself with people who are in the bliss of success, I think that this blog could help me find people who will inspire me and give me advice on my road to success. These are the three reasons why I write something about success.

So much for the intro lol, Lets get started as You and I drive our way to success..

First stop: Lets Find and Focus Begin with the end in mind

It is as simple as identifying your goal and creating a plan after. It is just like creating a start and finish line. Unless you understand where you are starting from and where you want to go, you cant get started, this is the basic and the hardest thing to do.

I have always wanted to be a successful writer, that is my goal, now what’s next? Where will I be going after trying to identify my goal? I must say that this is my starting point. I write a blog. By this, I could enhance my skill, I will be able to know my strength and weakness, be appreciated by other readers and from here maybe I could pursue a writing course someday to make me even more prepared.

As I have said, Success is something that we don’t get in an instant, ofcourse there will be U-turns, ruts, speed bumps and detours, all of this kinds are part of the tough roads to success. Once you overcome it, then sure enough that success is half way to you.

Having the ability to precisely define our goals and create a plan to achieve them shapes our entire attitude and the way we view life.