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Writing for a Cause — September 23, 2012

Writing for a Cause

I missed posting something here yesterday.

Well I have been quite busy the past four days and yesterday was the most busiest since I am rushing this project. I have this thesis document writing part time job and my students need this by Monday.Gosh- I am really exhausted doing this thesis dissertation but since this is my first time and I don’t want to fail Alex, the guy who didn’t had any doubt offering and entrusting me this project and of course I also don’t want to fail those students who are willing to pay for me in writing this thesis. I want the best for them too and hope that they will pass. So I have to be at my best and apply the things that I learned when I was writing my own thesis. Continue reading

Thesis Saga: Break of Dawn, the Trio meets Master Pogi .lol. — November 4, 2011

Thesis Saga: Break of Dawn, the Trio meets Master Pogi .lol.

November 3, 2011


Can I shout for joy?

Hey, my co-bloggers please congratulate me for passing my defense yesterday!
I would just like to share what had transpired yesterday during our defense.

7.30am I was already at school yesterday, dressed up with that black skirt, with my coat and 2 inches high black shoes, I walked at the corridor with positive mind and overflowing confidence. I have to be at college early because the defense was scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Fifteen minutes after I arrived, Aladin came and then Peter. While we were waiting for Sir Febreo, our panel, I was pissed with how Peter acted too negative. He kept on saying that we would either failed or scheduled for re defense. So I was just like contradicting him, assuring both of them that we wont failed nor scheduled for re defense because I had huge trust and self confidence to myself and to both of them.

So we were there, we were seated and faced with Master Pogi, aka Sir Feb. I don’t know if it is luck or he pitty us, because he was in good mood that morning (coz oftentimes he is in bad mood). I started with prayer and preceeded with the presentation of our powerpoint. Our discussion was so light, I didnt felt any tention and Aladin managed to break jokes which made us all burst in laughter. Every question was answered perfectly and I saw Ma’am Biala nodding with approval. After an hour and half, we finally convinced Sir Feb and he said, “Okay, complete your requirements and passed it to me tomorrow”. We were all relieved and happy.
As we went out in the faculty room, our smile reached up to our ears. Atlast, we did survived. And now I could somehow sleep well at night.

*expect that bx 2mrw if my net is good, ill be back writing again*

Thesis Saga: the Trio, Almost Death — October 30, 2011

Thesis Saga: the Trio, Almost Death

As I promised yesterday guys, here is an entry of what happened to my thesis defense yesterday…

Friday, we had been at college the whole day waiting for our technical panel to come around. Hope is gone around 1pm coz we totally lose hope of having him signed up our endorsement. Me and my groupmate, Peter made all desperate moves just to contact him, we’ve been asking the Cics faculties of his contact number, the student organization’s office, some of the students who might probably knew him, we even look after him room by room, stand by infront of our college gate and checked facebook, ofcourse. Unluckily, it seemed like fortune is away from us, I understand the confidentiality of not giving personal numbers especially the faculty members and SA office, I am thankful for those students who gave our Tp’s contact number only to find out that it is not working. Okay, going back I was about to break down crying when we saw another chance of reaching our Tp. Thanks to you Ma’am for somehow breaking out the rules as you gave us a hint of where to find our TP.

Exactly 4 in the afternoon, tired and almost pennyless, (check my spelling,pls.) we went right straight at our TP’s house. Thanks to Janine for being with us that time. Thank you also to my TP’s mother-in-law for being so accomodating, to my TP’s wife, and kuya Julius, the tricycle driver who drove and waited us to my Tp’s house. So we are there, we finally met our technical panel, we seated at the table as we discussed about our system and document. He asked us to do some changes and revisions and the best thing is that he signed our endorsement. Thanks to you TP!

6:30 pm. We ended the discussion with our TP. Me and Peter decided to have an overnight at Aladin’s house. 8pm I think we are at Aladin’s place. We individually took part of each tasks, I both focused on helping for the system development and document writing, Peter on the system and Aladin on the document. I just want to highlight the funniest part of that overnight. It was when we begged for all our friends online just for a 2pesos load so we can register for unlimited net connection. Who made it? Aladin did after so many attempts.

Saturday, 7:30 am when we went home. Having no sleep at all, I arrived home, had my breakfast, prepared my formal attire, searched all the things I needed, had bathed and went at college. I think I managed to stole a 5 minute nap at the jeepney.

11 exactly I was at college, only to find out that the defense will only be til 12pm. I heard students complained about what happen, 3 groups out of us 40 had the chance to present, ending up for redefense. We are given a chance to present too but we didnt took the chance coz mentally, we were not prepared.

I end up having a chance to talked with some of my friends and some acquaintances who are taking up thesis too, I heard their woes and complain about being tired, having no sleep at all, how they argued with their parents about why are we still going at college and why do we kept on asking for money. I feel for them.

Lessons Learned

Never lose hope, never give up.

Two heads are better than one.

Be thankful.

I went home feeling sick.

Busy Friday! — October 27, 2011

Busy Friday!

Since I made a commitment with this blog let me just write a wrap up of what’s happening with me these days. Infact, there are a lot of stories to share and a lot of lessons learned in just a day but because I dont have my time, Ill be sharing it this coming days. So lets start, whats keeping, yours truly, busy?

Yesterday, I spent my whole day finalizing our thesis document, from the title page, upto our Bibliography. Its a joint session with my groupmate ofcourse, Peter. Aladin is not showing up so we cant do anything but not to mind him. Did I said that, Our defense day will be by Saturday, which is tomorrow. Heres the major problem, our system is ready, documents ready, but our technical panel is no where to be found, and that leads my team to a great danger. We badly need his approval before tomorrow. I am not sure if I can go back and edit this post later on bec. We will be having our overnight in preparation of tomorrows event.

Wish me luck guys!

Chapter I- part 1 The Adventure Begins — December 8, 2010

Chapter I- part 1 The Adventure Begins

Monday 9:30pm

I sent my group mates message informing them about what requirement will we submit by Friday. I told Aladin and Peter that we should talk about our plans regarding the seven thesis titles that were about to propose to our adviser Mr. Carlmelo Febreo. I set the time that we should meet by 5:00pm Tuesday since Peter got classes until 5. Okey. Time Is Set. Meeting by Tuesday 5:00pm.

Tuesday 5:00pm

I arrived at our meeting place  an hour early before the said time since I got my classes just until 4. Peter arrived 5:00pm exactly and Aladin just came after Peter. We were seated at that round table like we were really going to have brainstorming. “GROUPWORK:” This is the first thing that I think is very important in doing a thesis. I was amazed with my two mates. At first, I thought that I won’t get anything from them but I think I underestimated their ability. These 2 people are clever thinkers. Peter for example, got lots of interesting ideas to share, actually he never runs out of ideas. Aladin however is the practical thinker. He thinks of what is appropriate, feasible and some disadvantages of our ideas. I feel like I should be the moderator of the two, because there were moments that I feel that there is some kind of misunderstanding during our talks. I am the assigned leader of the  group, but I don’t take it that way. For me we are all leaders that’s why every plans that I should take should be informed with the two. So our conversation went with what are the titles that we should present:

1.       Job portal for Municipality of Binmaley

2.       Electronic Pass for Gadgets (example laptops) for CDD

3.       Patient Information System

4.       Attendance Monitoring System and Payroll for LBC Dagupan Branch

We ended up choosing Job Portal for Binmaley as our main thesis Title.

Tuesday 8:00

We had a yahoo conference still talking about that job portal. We googled different examples of how job portal works. We take note of what are the features we need to implement in our said system. Somehow I felt that we doubted if we really can do our thesis but we got no choice. Peter came with the idea that we should develop a job portal for our college and the beneficiaries would be the graduating students of our campus. Sounds Interesting but I think it is not that much applicable.

Wedneday 9:00am

I’m suffering from dysmenorrhoea I opened my facebook account and I had 1 notification. Sir Carl posted the requirement we need to pass by Friday. I read the document.




College of Information and Computing Studies

IT Project/IE Project Proposal Sheet



Working Title:









Leader’s Name:




Member(s) Name(s):







Technical Panelist:




Adviser’s Name:




Date/Time of Proposal Defense:






  • What is your study all about? Provide a short overview.


Reasons for Choice:

  • Provide a legal/theoretical basis for your study
  • Is there a similar study that you want to replicate or localize?
  • What section of the MDG does your study fall under?
  • Why would your group be the most appropriate group to undertake the research?



  • (who) State the people included in your study
  • (what) State what your study aims to do/accomplish
  • (where) State the locality of your study
  • (when) State the duration of your study



  • Simply enumerate the groups of people who will be benefitted by your proposal


Proposed Respondents (if applicable):

  • State your respondents
  • State reason for choosing your respondents
  • State how you are going to gather data from your respondents


I started thinking.

Writing or doing a thesis is not really an easy task. This is the moment that we combined and used all of the things that we learned during our past years in college. The most crucial point of a senior college student. Fr others it might be easy, for some it might be not. Our thesis saga is just beginning, this is the only part 1 of it. Whether we like it or not we have to deal with it for 1 year.

I thought of writing an entry for this in series and I entitled it Thesis Saga.  I think that documenting this journey in one student’s life is very much interesting!