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What I discovered in Journaling that You can discover too! — January 5, 2016

What I discovered in Journaling that You can discover too!

One Saturday, one of my friend asked me, I was constantly checking your blog and it seems like you have stopped writing.

With a shoulder shrug, I just told my friend that I didn’t have had time to do so- but at the back of my mind, my answer was I didn’t stop writing. I did stop posting but I never stop writing. Continue reading

Day Three: A Penny for Your Thoughts (let’s travel back Four Years ago) — April 18, 2014
Who I Am and Why I Am here? (Presently Present) — April 16, 2014

Who I Am and Why I Am here? (Presently Present)

DAY 1:

Camera 360It has been years or months I could not count since I tried writing again. If you will notice, most of my posts are my photos that I include in the weekly challenges.

Honestly, I forgot writing. I lost the interest of writing. I could not see and feel my passion about writing anymore. After series of putting up blogs, “failed blogs” about specific niches- I quit writing a blog.

“That’s what I thought of…Continue reading

Single Click — October 14, 2012

Single Click

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Today was my happiest day ever in the history of my blogging experience.

Yesterday, after posting this week’s Big photo challenge, Likes and comments kept on coming my page. The truth was when I read the theme for this week’s photo challenge I was looking back at old photos which I can share herein as “BIG”. I actually picked one; it’s a stone, a Big Stone taken at our Bolinao trip last May. I was writing my post at office about that Big Challenge but work kept on coming that I can’t focus writing something. So I allow myself to take a break, I opened my Yahoo then read the news. The first thing to appear there was a photo of Malala. I was like curious what had she done so I opened it and read the whole story and googled for another and another.
Continue reading

On a Tuesday Afternoon — October 10, 2012

On a Tuesday Afternoon

Two drafts for today

Three for yesterday.

What the hell is happening to me?

I was trying to write since yesterday, I tried writing few lines as my intro then my thoughts shifts. Then I started another one but my thoughts were just fleeting that I ended up saving all this articles in my drafts.

What is happening with me? Why can’t I write?

Why can’t I compose all this thoughts in my mind?

I have so many ideas, yes… but because it was too many I can’t simply focus on one. Thoughts just mixed up in my brain and end up in turmoil.

This is the reason why I missed a post yesterday. So what now? If I’ll get stuck with these thoughts in my mind I never get writing again.

So I’ll just write here freely, no specific topics, just purely rants. Continue reading