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Travel theme: Circles — December 8, 2012

Travel theme: Circles

Last time I failed to post for the week’s travel theme challenge Hot. The reason was that I don’t have any photos to fit the theme. Today, I don’t want to miss another challenging theme, that’s why I really work out with capturing circles.

Here is my entry for this week’s Travel Theme Challenge!


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Travel theme: Mystical — November 17, 2012
Travel Theme: Spooky — October 28, 2012

Travel Theme: Spooky

Week 43: Travel Theme: Spooky

For this week’s challenge I am posting an image of Balete Tree (Philippines) which I find really spooky.

Balete Tree

They say evil spirits resides in this huge, creepy tree. It serves as a home to spirits and other elements which lurks in the dark and one of the famous resident of this tree is the creepy girl in white: “The white Lady”.

Many stories have been told and many people feared.


Happy Halloween!