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My Mishaps of Being a Photographer — December 9, 2012

My Mishaps of Being a Photographer

…. And that very moment I said I can be a photographer.

Just this week I got my GE camera which I was telling you that I bought from my friend. I must say that this was my very First investment from my one year hard work at office and few days back I really had two minds whether I will really pursue buying it or not since the money I had to pay for it is quite much for me. I am feeling guilty that I could used that money as my savings but my other side says that it is not wrong to at least buy something for myself since I have been working for that and it’s Christmas. 🙂 Continue reading

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Unleashing the Power to Write — August 21, 2011

Unleashing the Power to Write

It was late on my elementary days when I discovered my passion for writing. It started when I joined at an essay writing contest (district and division level) and won the first and third place on the latter. It was not my original composition but the way I wrote it somehow made an impact to the judges.
When I am on my final level (grade six) I embraced writing much. I’ve been active on my English subject especially when it comes to formal theme writing like writing your Autobiography, Describing your Last Summer Vacation, Future Dreams and so on.
When I entered High school, somehow my passion in writing stopped. I became more focused on my Grammar skills, Vocabulary building and Reading skills as a part of the curriculum in Secondary level. Though, I still practiced my writing skills by writing short essays. I also read different kinds of books and from reading I carefully studied how the authors presented their ideas, their topics, their strategies and styles to make their articles more catchy and understandable. Then turned my Third Year level when I started writing my own poems which I gave my crush every once a week. (Of course I didn’t revealed my identity), I also wrote stories but unfortunately never made a good ending of it and from then I also started writing my personal diary. It begun when my aunt gave me a diary as a gift and there I wrote my everyday experiences, thoughts and feelings. It lasted until I was on my first year in college and until now I’m still keeping it.
I guess writing had been my passion ever since. It is my obsession, my companion, my outlet, that is why I always keep a pen and paper inside my bag because when my thoughts flow freely in my mind, my hands seems to have an urge to encrypt the message in a paper.
One of the drawbacks when I write is the improper structure of my grammar (you know subject verb agreement, present tense, past tense and all the tenses) and the words I used are simple and plain. If you would ask me now to defend myself, then I would say that I am more into expressing my thoughts to my readers rather than following the laws of radical writing. This is where I can touch my readers hearts, speak to them freely and clearly. Mark Twain, once said and I quote “I noticed that you use plain and simple language, short words and brief sentences. That is the way to write English. It is the modern way and the best way”.
As I aged, I noticed that writing is a broad topic and it never limit itself to just personal writing. We write for so many causes, whether for business, school, simple notes and the like, we write for different purposes. I also accept the thought that there are tons and tons of good writer and because of this I am giving myself a candid time to embraced all this issues to be a successful writer someday. Giving time to learn more about writing, Getting out of my box and exploring more.
Recently, aside from writing my journal here, I am starting to write the chapter 4 and 5 of our thesis documents, As much as possible I try to learn the correct and just way of writing thesis. My strategy is to surround myself with people whom I think can help me most at thesis writing (so I make frequent visit at our Research Unit and seek for Ma’am Monar and Sir Kenneth). Aside from this I’m starting to write a system documentation for one of my schoolmate entitled “Information Kiosk”.
Writing for me brings many chances. We touch people lives, we discover new thoughts, we earn, hit each other’s heart especially when readers could relate to our topic. It’s a good feeling that even money can not buy. To end this post let me just share an excerpt of an article that one of my favorite blogger wrote. She says…
Write to an audience of one
Imagine that the audience is someone
intelligent who shares your passion
for what you are writing about but doesn’t
know the subject as well as you do.
Writing will never be easy, but it
doesn’t have to be overly hard either
I still love the quote that cant be attributed
I hate writing. I love having written.

When I got more time I’ll post another entry that will talk more of my passion in writing. For now, let this post serves as an inspiration for those “wanna be” writers just like me.